Sunday, June 7, 2009

from Peter Netmail

"What Mail Art means to me: WHY DO I DO MAIL ART
because it feeds my wife, children, and grandchildren well after tax and postage
because it is an easy pastime between the hardships of my daily life
because it fills me with spiritual growth in sleepless nights
because it fills my archive with handmade valuable original artworks from everywhere
because they are all exactly about my project themesand arrive long before deadline
because its family of polyglottal cosmopolitans welcome me at their doorsteps any time
because they are all enduring and tolerant vegetarian non-smoking peace workers
because it floods my P.O. Box with documentary catalogs that include my works in full size
because it secures me fame in art history and opens the biggest museum doors for me
because it has deeply befriended me with all postal workers in my city
because it is easy to explain to newcomers, journalists, and to my mother
because I prefer licking stamps to any other indoor activity and any other outdoor activity
because I love bad photocopies and bad English from all over the world
because I truly appreciate new creative spellings of my name and address twice weekly
and if all this is not absolutely true, my name shall not be PETER NETMAIL any more but

-Peter Netmail

Peter Küstermann
p.o. box 2644
32383 Minden

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